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Four Vineyards

Four Vineyard MapWith over thirty years of experience as architect and creator of high-end vineyards in Napa Valley (Diamond Mountain Ranch, Mt. Veeder Estates and Broken Rock Ranch to name just a few), Bill Hill remains true to his mantra: “Great wine is grown, not made.” Tetra is the culmination of his dedication to this vineyard excellence.

It is an artful blend of his top four Napa Valley vineyards: Coombsville, Broken Rock, Sugarloaf Mountain and Suscol Bench. These outstanding vineyards are currently sourced by several of Napa Valley’s most well-known luxury wine producers.

Truly high-end vineyards require exacting combinations of soil, location and climate. And although extraordinary sites can vary in how the factors interact (terroir), world-class vineyards have one thing in common: they produce low-vigor vines whose fruit ripens slowly and consistently. This quality is found in all four vineyards sourced for Tetra. 

These vineyards, producing complex, distinct wines are located in growing areas with climates just warm enough to ripen wine grapes. Vines of all grape varieties planted in so-called "on the edge" climates have the best chance of achieving the long, gradual ripening period associated with fine wine. Additionally, each site is characterized by low fertility, well drained soils – an important quality ensuring the development of highly concentrated fruit with each yield.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of our four Tetra vineyards is the dedication to sustainable wine growing. Not just environmentally responsible - less intrusive, more natural vineyard management techniques are being recognized as an important part of growing luxury wine. These vineyards are managed according to the best practices laid out in California’s Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices.

Coombsville, Broken Rock, Sugarloaf Mountain and Suscol Bench are four vineyards of distinct character and ‘Grand Cru’ quality. We are proud to source Tetra from these outstanding sites.