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Broken Rock Vineyard

Broken Rock VineyardNamed for its remarkably rocky soil, this 48 acre vineyard is Bill Hill’s home ranch. Perched on a steep, western facing slope, establishing this vineyard was a daunting but in the end highly rewarding task. This hillside location, blessed with high drainage and low fertility soil, consistently produces wines of unusual intensity and concentration. The property, which is currently planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, is located on the eastern ridge of Napa Valley at the foot of Atlas Peak near Soda Canyon.

Bill Hill developed this vineyard in a true state-of-the-art fashion: it includes densely planted vines (over 2,000 vines per acre), the best clones grafted onto low vigor root stock, and northwest to southeast row orientation. Our wines from the Broken Rock Vineyard exhibit intense color extraction ranging from deep garnet to purple-black, with rich ripe berry flavors and aromas.